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What causes paint swirl marks?

Shiny vs. clean

Most people use the word “shiny” when describing a clean-looking vehicle. As do I. But the thing is clean does not necessarily “shiny”. Many vehicle owners find that over time the paint on their vehicle looks less shiny and duller. The fact of the matter is that this happens to almost all vehicles unless they are kept inside a showroom where no one is allowed to touch them.

Modern paint is a 2-stage paint. It is made up of a layer base color, which is the color of the vehicle that you see. The top layer is the clear coat. This is the layer we feel when we touch the paint. This is also the layer in which most minor scratches are found. Most of these micro scratches or swirl marks can be removed through the paint correction process or buffing and polishing.

Causes of paint swirl marks

It is true that some micro scratches are unavoidable if you are actually using your car. The most common cause of swirl marks is improper care and washing of the vehicle’s painted surfaces. The major factors that can contribute to swirl marks while washing is:

  • Improper Rinsing (not rinsing completely before washing)

  • No/Not enough lubrication from soap or other cleaning chemicals

  • Wrong washing tools (stiff brushes, hard sponges, etc.)

  • Dirty wash mitt, chamois, sponges, etc.

  • Misuse of polishers/buffers and/or pads

  • Dusting/wiping with rag or duster on a dry car

  • Not washing your car thoroughly before drying

  • Automatic car washes with outdated brushes and other wipers

  • Automatic car washes with poorly maintained brushes

  • Using a car cover when the car or the cover is not clean

  • There are other causes of swirl marks and micro scratches besides the ones mentioned above. Light scuffs and other small scratches can occur in a number of ways.

How to remedy swirl marks?

It’s possible to correct most swirl marks through the process of paint correction. With the proper use of paint correction tools and compounds, the clear coat layer can be smoothed out to bring back a mirror-like finish. It is always easier to maintain a painted surface than spend the extra time or money to repair it once it’s damaged.

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