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What is Silica?

You may ask, “What is Silica?” Silica is the principle component of glass and it is also a primary raw material for many ceramics such as stoneware and porcelain. Silica is the material that is responsible for these items being hard, durable and smooth. Shine Supply has found a way to integrate this amazing material into a water-based spray that will extend the life of your existing ceramic coating, or provide stand-alone protection, up to 6 months. Apply to any exterior surface of your vehicle to provide protection, amazing gloss and excellent hydrophobic properties. This unique non-streaking formula is very easy to use and will definitely impress you with its performance.

Clutch is NOT a detail spray. It's a light form of ceramic coating. You have to look at Clutch the same way you would ceramic coating. Even though it's in a spray bottle - it has to be treated like a coating. When Clutch is applied to a vehicle that has ceramic coating - it recognizes the material and attaches itself, reintroducing a new thin layer of SiO2 and hydrophobic properties. Clutch also has a lot more uses!

Here's some of the many uses:

  • Works excellent as stand alone protection.

  • Contains close to 10% silica!

  • Durable protection for ALL aftermarket, factory and powdercoated wheels.

  • Refreshes and reloads ceramic coatings.

  • Refreshes and brings the color back to sprayed in bed liners.

  • Protects outdoor furniture, outdoor BBQ islands and SO much more!

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