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Car Detailing for Better Health

You want your car to look fantastic and shiny, but did you know that car detailing also offers excellent health benefits?

Think you're safe with just a little cleaning? Think again. Once you really consider the amount of potentially harmful irritants, debris, and icky stuff lurking in your car, you'll probably want to have your car detailed by a professional today!

Molds & Mildews

Ever get into your car with wet feet? Ever have a tasty beverage condensate a little? Think every crevice is totally secure from outside moisture? Your car is a hearty breeding ground for all sorts of unhealthy mold spores and mildews. Mold grows rapidly when it gets anywhere near even slight moisture. Molds and mildews are a key culprit in allergy symptoms and can cause everything from eye irritation to lung cancer.

Dust Mites & Dander

Chances are your car is literally crawling with tiny mites and chock-full of, at minimum, flakes of dead human skin. How often do you clean your kitchen counter thoroughly? What would happen if you just let it sit for a few months? Gross! Plus, WebMD says that about 20 million Americans are allergic to dust mites. “One piece of dust can contain pet dander, pieces of dead cockroaches, and mold spores, along with dead skin and dust mites.” The best way to limit your exposure to dust mites and dander is to keep surfaces and all of those nooks and crannies clean!

Outdoor Pollutants

How much pollution do you think is lurking around your average strip of highway as you're driving? These pollutants can build-up in your car and create a toxic environment. The pollutants also soak into the carpeting and fabric interior of your vehicle. The more often you can clean you have your car professionally and totally cleaned of these pollutants, the better for your health!

A Few Additional Tips to Have a Healthier Car Environment:

  • Don't Eat in the Car

  • Keep Your Trunk Free of Stuff

  • Clean the Engine

  • Clean the Air Intakes

  • Don't Re-circulate the Air Conditioning

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